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“I had the pleasure of working with Eric Gile, and he was very caring as well as committed. He even gave me his cellphone number, and he really answered my calls; if he was busy he’d let me know respectfully and kept his word on calling me back. Eric treated me like a priority case or like I was family, which I really appreciated in this crucial time of my life and did his best to get me as much as he could. I really appreciate Eric and his services.”
— Erika Foster

“Spencer Merk is one of the best attorneys I have seen in a long time, even when I forgot about my accident he did not. When looking for someone with expertise and a good heart to help you out after being injured in a car accident, give him a call. He will do all he can to make sure things go in your favor and to help you out from beginning to end.”
— Jamie Lyons

“I got into a wreck and never thought about getting a lawyer before, but I was recommended by a friend to call Eric; after talking, he said I should focus on my body and healing my injuries and not worry about anything else. After all, healing was done. Eric was quick, fast and efficient. Eric is simply the best; his personal touch and client-focused approach make it easy to recommend him to friends and family.”
— Jon Halar

“I was hit by a car when I was walking in a crosswalk, leaving me with a back injury and sciatica. I tried to handle the insurance claim myself but became really overwhelmed trying to manage all of the communication on top of working full time and recovering from my injury. I am so glad I hired Spencer Merk to handle my case. He was very helpful throughout the entire process, responded quickly to my phone calls and emails, and reached out with regular updates.”
— Brianna Brailey

“I am so thankful that I was referred to Eric Gile to help me with my auto claim. Eric helped me understand my case and has guided me through to make the best decisions possible! He handled it quickly and thoroughly to make sure I got the compensation that I deserved. Eric would always keep me updated throughout the whole process so I never felt left out; also, he would always be available if I had any questions or concerns! I appreciate all that he has done for me! He is the best attorney in the city and I would highly recommend him to anybody!”
— Deseree Griffey

“I got the pleasure of having Spencer as my lawyer and I must say he was AWESOME. He made sure he kept me informed on everything that was taking place with my case. If I were to ever get into any more accident, he would be the first lawyer I contact.”
— Teara Shavers

“Eric Gile is great. I spoke with him, and I am confident that he will represent me well in my case. After leaving his office, I left with a sense of peace especially with dealing with the injuries that occurred during my accident. He was all about making sure I heal properly, and he assured me he will take care of everything. I highly recommend Eric Gile.”
— Brandon Hooks

“Eric Gile is an amazing individual; he is very level-headed, smart, compassionate, understanding and just, in general, a good honest person. I couldn’t have asked for a better representative for my case. He is a very stand up guy. Thank you to Eric and everyone at levy law for everything. If I’m in need of your services in the future God forbid I will definitely contact Eric.”
— Vinny G.

“My husband and I had a contract dispute that had been going on for seven years with no cooperation from the opposing party after many attempts to solve the issue on our own. After seeking counsel from Spencer Merk, the matter was resolved within three days. Spencer was very knowledgeable, professional and prompt, and I would highly recommend his services to all.”
— Andrea McAllister

“I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney than Eric Gile. This was my first auto accident, and he walked me through the entire process answering any possible question I could come up with. Mr. Gile is knowledgeable, courteous and genuinely cares about his clients. He handled my case swiftly and kept me up to date. I feel confident in referring anyone to him and have already consulted with Mr. Gile on another matter.”
— Caitlynn M.

“One year ago, I had an accident and I made mistake by contacting an injury law firm that pays a lot for their advertisements that is nothing but outright lies. I was very frustrated and annoyed by them to the point. I would like to express my highest appreciation for Mr. Spencer Merk who not only did not over-promise me but also he went beyond his duty and responsibilities and delivered the unthinkable! Thank you so much, and I totally recommend Mr. Spencer Merk to anyone who is dealing with shady and unethical insurance adjusters and their affiliates.”
— H. Ahmed

“I would most definitely recommend that anyone in need of an attorney who will get results ask for Eric Gile. He took care of me and my case in a reasonable time frame and I was able to openly communicate my worries, and I can say I am well pleased and grateful to have him in my corner.”
— Eric Kid

“Eric was a big help with taking care of my case. It was a comfortable and pleasant experience to know I had Eric to take care of all the headache with the insurance company’s issues and my medical billing.”
— Joe Ferry