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Newport Truck Accident Lawyers

Truck accidents tend to be devastating. The sheer size difference between a semi truck and a car means that life-changing injuries or death are almost a guarantee. Survivors are often left unable to work, with medical bills that can total hundreds of thousands of dollars. Those who do not survive leave a hole in their family that can never be filled.

At Merk & Gile, Injury Attorneys, our truck accident attorneys recognize that many truck crashes are the result of negligence and could have been avoided. They simply should not have happened. When they do, we strive to hold negligent parties accountable and to get full compensation for survivors and surviving family members.

Who Should Be Held Accountable For The Truck Wreck?

One of the first steps in any trucking accident claim that our lawyers handle is to determine who was at fault and who should be the target. This is not always as simple as it may seem.

Some investigation may be necessary to learn exactly what went wrong. Investigation may go beyond reviewing the accident report and interviewing witnesses and could involve issues that are specific to these types of cases such as reviewing data preserved in the truck’s electronic data recorder that could show details about speed and braking. This could, for example, provide concrete evidence that a truck driver was speeding or failed to brake in time to prevent the accident.

Will the claim be against the negligent truck driver who was speeding, driving distracted, driving under the influence or otherwise being careless? Or will it be against the truck company that employs the driver? What if the driver is self-employed or a contractor? These are all questions that we must answer.

To make matters even more complicated, these cases may involve poorly maintained or defective trucks. Perhaps the truck accident was caused by a tire blowout that could have been prevented had the tires been replaced on schedule. Perhaps the tires were defective in the first place. We come to truck accident cases and all other motor vehicle wreck cases with the knowledge to delve into these issues and build a strong case in support of getting you the compensation you need.

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