Car Accidents

Standing By Motor Vehicle Accident Victims

Every day, hundreds of drivers, pedestrians, bikers and passengers sustain injury or die in road accidents. Even low-speed accidents can kill or maim people, and the path to physical, mental and financial recovery is long. But resources are available, and our attorneys are fierce advocates.

The Merk & Gile lawyers are passionate and committed. We work on your behalf to ensure your needs are taken care of while you recover. We ensure your injuries are fully accounted for and then pursue the maximum compensation possible. Start working with us and stop worrying.

Experienced Lawyers Who Care About You

Road accident injuries can come in many forms, including car crashes, trucking injuries, motorcycle wrecks and hit and runs. When they do, we can help maximize your care. Insurance companies are powerful and have many resources at their disposal. We use our legal knowledge to preserve the evidence, evaluate your case and demand your fair compensation.

The personal injury lawyers at Merk & Gile, Injury Attorneys, have spent years representing injured parties in Kentucky. Since founding our firm, Spencer Merk and Eric Gile have accumulated accolades as top-tier personal injury attorneys. Our clients call us prompt, extremely helpful and courteous. Most importantly, our clients walk away knowing that the legal world can genuinely care.

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It can be hard to think about finances when you are in a car accident, but once you call the police and receive emergency medical care, you need to call your attorney. The sooner you call us, the better we can help you. Reach our office through our contact form.