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Newport Back Injury Lawyers

Many of us take our back and spine for granted. We only begin to really appreciate the pivotal role they play in our lives when we or someone we love has an injury. Then, our dependence on our back muscles, spinal column and spinal cord becomes abundantly clear, and it is accompanied by a slew of new difficulties, expenses and struggles. In those moments, can you trust insurance companies to compensate for your full expenses and needs?

The back injury attorneys at Merk & Gile, Injury Attorneys, are unlike many others. We genuinely care about your outcomes. We know that you need tangible outcomes and reliable help. When you are in need, our attorneys come to your side, ready to fight. Let’s get started by scheduling your free initial consultation.

How Does A Back Injury Impact Your Quality Of Life?

Back and spinal cord damage can have a wide array of effects on quality of life. Whether the injury in question is a result of a motor vehicle accident or a major fall, damage to the back can result in:

  • Loss of motor control and inability to perform daily tasks
  • Immobility and lack of coordination
  • Full or partial paralysis
  • Neurological issues, including neuropathy and other neural feedback issues

In the wake of an injury like this, you may need long-lasting medical treatment or be unable to work at all. Bills and other expenses may become overwhelming burdens. Our firm can help you acquire a settlement that fully values your needs.

We Stand Up For You

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