Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Are You One Of The Millions Of Americans Suffering From A Slip-And-Fall?

People talk about slip-and-falls like they are a joke. We have all heard someone giggling or rolling eyes while they say “Help! I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!” In reality, millions of Americans live with chronic pain and serious medical complications after falling. And, every year, between 15,000 and 18,000 people die from slip- or trip-and-fall accidents. These injuries are more than a punch line.

Property owners and insurance companies are notorious for denying victims fair compensation for injuries, especially when a profit margin is on the line. At Merk & Gile, Injury Attorneys, our lawyers are invested in you and your care. Send us an email today for more information.

Who Is Responsible For A Slip-And-Fall Injury?

You may be confused by your injury. Unlike a car accident, there is not necessarily a person “causing” your injury. But that does not mean that no one is responsible. For instance, if you fall because a stairway is unmaintained, you may be able to hold the property owner accountable. If you trip because of unaddressed carpeting issue or a slick floor at the store, you may be able to hold the store accountable.

The attorneys at Merk & Gile, Injury Attorneys, can help identify responsible parties. We can help you obtain financial aid for your medical expenses and other bills throughout recovery. In the worst cases, we can help you obtain necessary life-long care or recover for funeral expenses. If you are unsure who can be held responsible or what support is available to you, contact our office.

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