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Many people underestimate the total consequences of a slip-and-fall accident. It only takes a moment of neglect or recklessness for someone to fall and suffer lifelong consequences. When this happens, the victim needs to be sure they are earning the full and fair compensation they deserve from the liable party in a slip-and-fall injury lawsuit.

Property owners and insurance companies are notorious for denying victims fair compensation for injuries, especially when a profit margin is on the line. At Merk & Gile, Injury Attorneys, our Cincinnati metropolitan area slip-and-fall attorneys are invested in you and your care. We do everything in our power to maximize your injury claim compensation, and we are ready to put our extensive experience to work for you.

Who Is Responsible For A Slip-And-Fall Injury?

You may be confused by your injury. Unlike a car accident, there is not necessarily a person “causing” your injury. But that does not mean that no one is responsible. For instance, if you fall because a stairway is unmaintained, you may be able to hold the property owner accountable. If you trip because of an unaddressed carpeting issue or a slick floor at the store, you may be able to hold the store accountable and recover a slip-and-fall settlement.

The personal injury attorneys at Merk & Gile, Injury Attorneys, can help identify responsible parties. We can help you obtain financial aid for your medical expenses and other bills throughout your recovery. In the worst cases, we can help you obtain necessary life-long care or recover for funeral expenses. If you are unsure who can be held responsible or what support is available to you, contact our office to speak with a Cincinnati slip-and-fall accident attorney.

What Needs To Be Proven To Win A Slip-And-Fall Case?

Just because you were hurt in a fall does not mean that you will automatically win your injury claim. In order to hold the liable party accountable for your injuries, you need to prove that the property owner took actions that led to your fall. From proving the messy condition of a home that led to you falling in a cluttered hallway to proving that a grocery store owner failed to isolate and clean the spill you slipped in, you and your lawyer must establish liability.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Slip-And-Fall Accidents?

Any number of things can result in someone suffering serious injuries in a fall. Common causes of these accidents include slippery floors from leaks and spills in grocery stores, gas stations and hotels; trips from loose rugs; uneven walkways; poor lighting; unrepaired stairways and sidewalks; and loose handrails. Our Cincinnati slip-and-fall accident attorneys have handled claims involving these scenarios and more, giving them the broad range of experience and knowledge that you need for your slip-and-fall accident lawsuit.

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