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Pedestrian Accidents

When Sidewalks Are Not Safe

If you are walking down the road or across a parking lot, you maintain a level of watchfulness. One of the first things we do as parents is teach our kids to look both ways before crossing the road. But these actions are not always enough to keep us or our loved ones safe. Pedestrians can easily sustain serious injuries when in accidents with careless drivers.

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Compensation For Pedestrians After Injury

Swerving cars, drivers running red lights or myriad other causes can all easily lead to serious injury. The human body has very little chance against a multithousand-pound vehicle. The impact causes organ damage, compound fractures, brain and spinal trauma and more. In these cases, you can get financial support from the negligent driver or their insurance company for:

  • Ambulances and emergency care
  • Diagnosis and medical treatment, surgery and physical therapy
  • Adaptive care like wheelchairs or other accessible technologies
  • In-home nursing support

Your settlement can also provide for your time away from work or school, unexpected bills, necessary child care and other expenses.

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