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Newport Dog Bite Lawyers

Dogs are fantastic companions, but they also are instinctive predators and protectors. Their bite force is astounding, and dog bites can cause serious – even life-threatening – harm. No matter how kind your neighbor is or how much time you spend around their dog, any dog can bite under the right circumstances.

Animal owners and property owners should maintain safe and controlled environments. When their failure to do so, including accidental failure, causes your injury, Merk & Gile, Injury Attorneys, uses the legal system to ensure you have critical medical resources. Call our Cincinnati metropolitan area dog bite attorneys at 513-838-2511 and 859-908-1550 to schedule an appointment.

Dog Bites Are A Source Of Lasting Injury And Trauma

Anyone can be the victim of a dog bite, but the most common and most vulnerable people are children. Almost half of all dog bites involve children. At this point in their development, their muscular and skeletal structure is especially vulnerable to injury.

Regardless of age, a dog bite can lead to:

  • Serious muscle damage, often requiring surgery
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Debilitating wounds and fractures
  • Lifelong trauma

Any dog can bite, not just a pit bull, German shepherd or other “violent” breed. Any dog can cause lifelong harm to you or your loved ones. We help you access recovery.

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If you need medical attention after a dog bite or animal attack, there are ways to obtain support throughout your recovery. Our dedicated and passionate dog bite lawyers will fight for you. Email our office today or call us at 513-838-2511, 859-908-1550 and maximize your settlement.