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Dogs are fantastic companions, but they also are instinctive predators and protectors. Their bite force is astounding, and dog bites can cause serious – even life-threatening – harm. No matter how kind your neighbor is or how much time you spend around their dog, any dog can bite under the right circumstances.

Animal owners and property owners should maintain safe and controlled environments. When their failure to do so, including accidental failure, causes your injury, Merk & Gile, Injury Attorneys, uses the legal system to ensure you have critical medical resources. Call our Cincinnati metropolitan area dog bite attorneys at 513-838-2511 and 859-908-1550 to schedule an appointment.

Dog Bites Are A Source Of Lasting Injury And Trauma

Anyone can be the victim of a dog bite, but the most common and most vulnerable people are children. Almost half of all dog bites involve children. At this point in their development, their muscular and skeletal structure is especially vulnerable to injury.

Regardless of age, a dog bite can lead to:

  • Serious muscle damage, often requiring surgery
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Debilitating wounds and fractures
  • Lifelong trauma

Any dog can bite, not just a pit bull, German shepherd or other “violent” breed. Any dog can cause lifelong harm to you or your loved ones. We help you access recovery.

Do I Need A Tetanus Shot After A Dog Bite?

You know that dog bites can cause extreme physical injuries, but that is not the only way they harm victims. Many animals, including dogs, may also carry tetanus, a potentially fatal bacterial infection. As a precaution, health care experts strongly recommend getting a tetanus shot after an animal bite.

Even if the dog bite seems minor, bacteria can lurk beneath the surface. If you have not had a tetanus booster in the past 5-10 years, even a minor bite might warrant one. After a dog bite, it is always safest to seek an immediate medical opinion and discuss your specific situation with a doctor.

These and other dog bite-related health care costs can pile up, but a successful injury claim can help you recover your losses.

Do I Have A Dog Bite Claim?

Under Ohio law, owners have “strict liability” for injuries caused by their dogs, unless the dog was provoked by the victim or the victim was trespassing or in the process of a crime, like burglary or assault against the animal’s owner. This means that most dog bite victims have a claim.

Understanding the factors that may influence your potential claim is crucial after suffering a dog bite. The severity of your injuries, for example, can have a big impact on your claim. More extensive medical bills, lost wages or permanent damage typically strengthen claims. Your psychological harm, due to the trauma of the attack and your scars, can also be considered part of your claim.

Remember, your dog bite claim can play a critical role in your journey to recovery. A successful case can help you pay for top-quality medical care, mitigate other financial hardships and address any psychological harm caused by your experience.

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