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Have You Suffered Damage To Your Hearing While Using 3M Earplugs? Seek Legal Advice Now.

You may have suffered hearing loss or the onset of crippling tinnitus while using 3M earplugs when you were in the military, working at an industrial job or doing maintenance around your own house. Whatever the circumstances were when you relied on 3M earplugs to protect your hearing, you deserve answers. Why didn’t the earplugs work as the manufacturer said they would? How can you go on when you suffer from any of the following side effects?:

  • You may be unable to hold down a job.
  • You find it hard to concentrate.
  • You may display a personality change because of the stress.
  • You may be irritable.
  • You cannot enjoy your personal life as you did before.
  • You may have trouble communicating with others in daily life.

You may not even have realized that defective earplugs were to blame. The first thing to do if you are struggling with symptoms of damage to your hearing is to consult with a lawyer. Our Cincinnati metropolitan area personal injury attorneys will pay attention and help you pursue relief by all available means.

Some Legal History That May Be Relevant To Your Hearing Loss Or Tinnitus Case

A few years ago, according to the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), an earplug manufacturer, the 3M Company (3M) agreed to a penalty of $9.1 million for vending earplugs to branches of our nation’s military “without disclosing defects that hampered [their] effectiveness.” (See source). Depending on the facts of your situation, the findings that went into this case may become evidence in your case.

The earplugs are a discontinued product now, but more and more people who have been injured through their use are coming forward for help. Currently, hundreds of thousands of lawsuits are underway against 3M for harm suffered by military personnel and others. In January 2022, a jury awarded $110 million to two army veterans after they made their case in federal court. In the words of their attorney, “3M knew this was going to cause permanent damage to our soldiers.”

Let Us Review The Facts: Do You Have Grounds To Make A Claim?

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