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Resources for accident survivors in the Cincinnati metro

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2023 | Car Accidents

Accidents that result in serious injuries to the spine and brain are life-altering experiences.

The recovery journey can be challenging for survivors, and many require assistance and support to meet their needs. Fortunately, several resources serve accident survivors in the Cincinnati metro community.

Therapy and support groups

Spinal and brain injuries not only cause pain and physical symptoms but can also contribute to emotional distress and mental health issues. Injured people can also seek community and empowerment by participating in support groups, including groups associated with the following organizations:

Additionally, Inclusive Therapists provides a directory for experienced mental health professionals who provide guidance for individuals with permanent disabilities as well as temporary impairments caused by injuries.

Social Security and disability benefits

To help with the hardships of a spine or brain injury, survivors should consider applying for Social Security Disability Insurance and other benefit programs that serve disabled people. These programs can help injured people who are unable to work and earn income. Benefits may also cover medical costs, rehabilitative therapy and living expenses. Because applying can be complex, working with an attorney can facilitate the process.

Compensation and legal assistance

Another effective way for survivors of accidents to receive support is to take legal action and seek compensation. Personal injury lawyers can help people with brain and spine injuries file claims, communicate with insurers and pursue lawsuits to obtain damages.

Comprehensive support networks are crucial for accident survivors with brain and spine injuries. The Cincinnati metro area has numerous helpful resources, including support groups, therapists, injury attorneys and benefits programs.