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How many uninsured drivers are on the road in Ohio and Kentucky?

In 2019, Kentucky had an uninsured motorist rate of 12.6%, while Ohio’s statistic was slightly higher at 13%. This means that approximately one in eight drivers did not have insurance in both states.

In 2021, Kentucky was the 17th highest and Ohio was the 20th highest in the percentage of uninsured motorists in the country. Their rates mean that 421,216 drivers in Kentucky and 1,044,263 drivers in Ohio had no insurance.

Consequences of driving without insurance

In Kentucky, your first offense could cost you $500 to $1,000 in fines. However, your fine can increase to up to $2,500 for future offenses. The judge may also order imprisonment for 90 to 180 days and suspend your registration and driver’s license for one or two years for your first and future offenses, respectively.

In Ohio, you will typically lose your license and ability to register your vehicle. Once you secure insurance, you need to pay a license plate registration reinstatement fee of $160 for your first offense, $360 for your second, and $660 for each additional offense. The judge can suspend your license for one or two years, take your vehicle and restrict your ability to register a new vehicle for 60 days and five years after your second and future offenses, respectively.

Uninsured motorist

While many states require that you purchase uninsured motorist protection, Kentucky and Ohio do not. You may receive compensation for damages and medical bills from your insurance company in Kentucky as long as the incident is not your fault. However, the insurance of the liable party will pay for damages in Ohio.

To protect yourself, purchase proper insurance and learn about your state traffic laws. In the event of an accident, prepare to gather your evidence, such as police reports, photographs and medical bills, to support your claim.