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Motorcycle Accidents

Injured Motorcyclists

If you or your loved one was recently injured in a motorcycle crash, contact an injury attorney at Merk & Gile immediately. You may be entitled to significant compensation due to sustaining more severe injuries. Indeed, because there is no frame to protect the rider nor seat-belt to hold the rider in place in the event of a collision, the injuries tend to be exceptionally severe.

Call Merk & Gile at 513-481-5678 or send us an email for a free consultation with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. Don’t let time be your worst enemy.

Can I Recover Damages After a Motorcycle Accident?

Ohio is a fault-based state, which means you can file an insurance claim or lawsuit against the other party if they caused (or primarily contributed to) the accident and recover compensation for your losses. The other party’s liability insurance should cover your damages up to the policyholder’s limit. However, to have a viable case against the other party and obtain a settlement, you will need to prove that the other driver’s negligence caused your injuries.

Negligence can come in many forms, such as driving under the influence or speeding. The same goes for other dangerous or careless driving behaviors such as texting while driving or changing lanes without carefully checking blind spots. Call Merk & Gile today for a free review of your motorcycle crash.

How Do I Maximize My Motorcycle Accident Settlement?

Have an attorney assist you with your claim, help you gather the evidence you need to substantiate your claim, and negotiate with insurers to pursue the maximum settlement possible. A knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney can help you reduce your liability and effectively prove the extent of your damages to the insurer. And if you cannot reach a fair settlement, we can take the case to court and continue to fight for your best interests.

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