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Covington Car Accidents

Covington Car Accidents – Overview

Covington has its fair share of dangerous roadways, which means that, unfortunately, car accidents are common in our community. If you suffered an injury in a car accident, you can most likely file an insurance claim to collect compensation to cover your medical bills and lost wages. Our Covington car accident attorneys can help you determine your legal options and file your claim.

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How Can I Recover the Compensation I Need After a Covington Car Crash?

Because Kentucky is a no-fault state, you first file a claim with your own insurer. However, no-fault does not mean you can never hold another party liable for your injuries. To do so, you must meet a certain threshold.

The threshold you must meet to file a third-party liability claim in Kentucky is relatively low. According to the Kentucky Department of Insurance, you need to have medical bills that reach more than $1,000. A broken bone, permanent disfigurement, permanent injury, or death also qualifies.

But you must act quickly. Kentucky law has statutes of limitations on bringing certain claims within a specified time frame. This means you need to talk to a lawyer and file your insurance claim sooner rather than later.

Contact a Covington Car Accident Lawyer

At Merk & Gile, our skilled car accident attorneys can help you understand all your legal options for compensation. We can put together a list of damages, and estimate a value for your claim to negotiate a fair settlement from the insurer. Call us today at 513-481-5678 or send us an email.


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