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What To Say (And What Not To Say) To An Insurance Adjuster After A Car Crash

Last updated on July 19, 2024

In the aftermath of a car accident, managing your interactions with insurance companies might be the least of your concerns. However, the way you deal with insurers can affect your auto accident claim.

With offices in Kentucky and Ohio, Merk & Gile, Injury Attorneys, can protect you and your accident claim. We offer our experience and dedication to help you obtain the full value of your claim – and we know what it takes to keep an insurance adjuster from devaluing your claim.

Do Not Say These Things To An Insurance Adjuster

When recounting the incident, remember that adjusters are trained to scrutinize every detail in the things you say. They often look for ways to use what you say to deny or undercut your compensation. Here is what to avoid:

  • Admitting fault: Avoid anything that sounds like an apology or admission of fault
  • Discussing injuries: Do not discuss injury severity or predict recovery times
  • Undervaluing property damage: Avoid the urge to understate property damage
  • Making official statements: Never give a recorded or written statement without attorney guidance

These guidelines apply in discussions with both your insurance company and the at-fault party’s insurance carrier.

Speaking Safely With An Insurance Adjuster

At a point soon after the incident, you must report the car accident to an insurance company. Consider using these communication tips to avoid harming your claim:

  • Provide basic facts only: Your name, the accident time and place
  • Remain polite and respectful: Anger or hostility may influence your claim
  • Keep your responses very brief: Anxiety or nervousness can make you say too much

We understand the risks injured victims face when communicating with insurance companies. Our lawyers are prepared to deal with them in your stead. The strategic handling of interactions can increase the likelihood of receiving just compensation for your emotional and physical trauma.

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