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Cincinnati is setting an example for pedestrian safety

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2023 | Personal Injury

Streets and roadways are almost always in need of repairs and upgrades. Unfortunately, these repairs often take a very long time as outside contractors and city workers are difficult to schedule because they are busy.

In an effort to make the pedestrians and bike riders of Cincinnati safer, the city has hired a crew focused on changes and improvements to pedestrian infrastructure. They plan to perform much of the work while leaving a few of the larger projects more complicated projects to contractors.

Common pedestrian injuries

When cars strike pedestrians, the injuries pedestrians suffer can range from mild to life-threatening. As vehicles are much larger and heavier than people, they can inflict major damage, even death. Common injuries suffered by pedestrians include lacerations, broken bones, skull fractures, jaw injuries, neck injuries, organ damage, internal injuries and concussions. Pedestrian accidents may be the result of failure to yield the right of way, texting drivers, impaired drivers, lack of visibility, drivers rolling through stop signs, poorly marked crosswalks and inexperienced drivers.

Changes coming to Cincinnati

The crew hired by the city council will focus on improvements that are simple to install, yet create a much safer environment. A few of the changes mentioned by the manager of the city’s Vision Zero program include bolted-down plastic dividers to prevent cars from drifting across lanes and high-visibility paint to make crosswalks more visible to drivers at night.

While the city is making improvements to keep pedestrians safer, pedestrians should continue to be watchful and careful whenever they approach intersections or cross streets. Keep your safety in mind and look out for drivers who might not be paying attention.