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4 mistakes to avoid after a motorcycle accident

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2022 | Car Accidents

Some drivers believe traveling by motorcycle is the best way to enjoy the roads. However, Kentucky State Police reported 1464 motorcycle accidents in 2018.

If you enjoy riding a motorcycle, knowing what to avoid after an accident is essential.

1. Telling authorities you contributed to the accident

Even if you believe you may have been able to do something to avoid an accident, do not tell the other driver, law enforcement or insurance companies that your actions caused the accident. They are responsible for determining the cause of the accident, and they may find the other driver at fault.

2. Accepting payment from the other driver

If the other driver offers to give you money to cover your injuries or property damage to avoid a lawsuit, do not accept it. Even if they do not have auto insurance, getting a cash payout might not cover your future expenses. If you opted out of Kentucky’s no-fault insurance, you could sue the other driver for costs related to the crash, and you may receive a larger settlement.

3. Skipping a medical evaluation

You may feel okay after a motorcycle collision, but adrenaline caused by the crash may mask injuries. You should seek medical attention immediately after the crash. Documentation of any injuries can prove causation if you pursue a lawsuit.

4. Taking a low settlement from an insurance company

Insurance companies want to pay a minimum amount on claims. If you accept a low offer from the company, you cannot go back and ask for more if your future medical expenses are higher than anticipated.

Avoiding these common pitfalls after a motorcycle accident allows you the opportunity to collect the maximum amount of damages.