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Are Kentucky cities failing bike riders?

Bicycling could be beneficial for a person’s health, but there are dangers present. Collisions with vehicles may leave a bicyclist suffering from severe and permanent injuries, and some bike accidents result in death. While some cities in the United States take steps to make bicyclists safer, others might lag. That’s unfortunate since not boosting safety for bike commuters seems like municipalities are failing bicyclists.

Keeping bicyclists safe on city streets

Data shows a significant increase in bicycle commuting. Traveling to work or the store via bike could be a healthier, less expensive alternative to car travel. However, not every city is equipped to handle the influx of bikes on the street.

The inclusion of bicycle lanes represents one straightforward way to help boost bicycle safety. Bike lanes do more than promote the healthy aspects of fitness-based commuting: Bike lanes provide a means to keep bicyclists farther away from pedestrians and keep vehicles away from the cyclists.

Developing bike lanes represents one way to improve infrastructure, and there are other duties that city managers could explore. Fixing local streets is another. Potholes and cracked sidewalks present dangers to bicyclists. Even with protective gear, a cyclist could suffer an injury after a wheel hits a deep hole.

Reducing bike accidents

Cities could use their funds in several ways to help encourage bicycle riding while potentially decreasing the chances of accidents. One method involves building barriers and dividers to creating protections for bicyclists. Whether local cities wish to direct funds to these plans depends on several issues, including budgeting concerns.

Car accidents involving bicycles may happen even when the city takes several steps to improve safety. Drivers who disregard the presence of bicyclists may drive in bike lanes or not look when making turns at intersections. Those are only two examples of how a driver could be negligent.

Of course, bicyclists need to do their part for safety. Bike riders who wear helmets and follow traffic laws could help keep everyone safe.